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Baptism into the Catholic Community enhances the faith of the parents, godparents, family and the parish community in which it is celebrated. As a Sacrament of the Church it is not a private christening; it belongs to the larger parish and the Catholic community throughout the world.

When you present your child for Baptism, you are asking the church to receive your child as a member of the Body of Christ here on earth. You are also making a commitment to your child to help him or her to become an active part of this community of faith.

For a child to be baptized in the Roman Catholic Church, there must be a basis for hope that the child will be raised in the Catholic faith. In practice, this generally means that at least one parent is Catholic. Each child brought forward for baptism must also have at least one godparent who is a confirmed, practicing Catholic age 16 or older.

Please contact Sr. Patricia Mulcahy through the parish office for more information.

Baptisms are held once a month on the first Saturday at 12pm.

Please give at least two weeks notice.

A meeting is held the Tuesday before the Baptism at 7pm in the Parish Centre.

Baptism Request Form – Baptism is not booked until you confirm with the Parish Office

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